RefQ is a tool for managing reference data that is stored in different ways across different databases, applications and systems of a company.

Why RefQ?

The use of the tool is enabled through an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface that can be configured to fit the needs of different users. This user interface provides users with the creation of reporting structures and their financial positions, as well as creating relationships between data or associating data to the created financial positions.


The basic RefQ functionalities:

  • Creating a report structure
  • Creating positions within a report
  • Creating relationships between data on previously created positions
  • Creating and managing analytic hierarchies
  • Intuitive user interface controlled by role-based security to support collaborated authoring of reference data
  • Ability to manage and map relationships between different reference data sets which exist in an enterprise
  • Import data from Excel
  • Export data to Excel
  • Data security through defined user roles
  • Versioning and auditing capability
  • Search capability

Main RefQ features

Creating a report structure – The RefQ helps you create reporting structures and positions with the ability to determine parent/ child relationships. Created report structures and positions can be viewed in hierarchical form and exported or to excel files. Additionally, RefQ provides the ability to define details on financial positions where users determine how certain data will be processed in a data warehouse system.

Creating relationships between data – RefQ allows you to categorize data within an organization or to associate data with a created financial positions in the report structure. Features like searching the data involved in different joins within a form of creating relationships or direct data entry in that form are also available. Created relationships and mappings can be viewed at one place with the ability to export/import data from / to excel. In order to facilitate and speed up the user’s work in the tool itself, RefQ provides functionality to copy already created relationships to other entities. Copying already created mappings is possible from one report to the other or from one company to another company.

Creating and managing analytic hierarchies – The RefQ tool allows you to create analytic hierarchies according to the desired types of groupings, as well as an overview of those created hierarchies. Groups, that is hierarchy level, can be directly created using the RefQ tool. Once they are created, the tool lets you associate data with them (creating an organizational structure). In order to facilitate and accelerate the user’s work in the tool itself, there is functionality to copy already created relationships between different types of hierarchies from a particular company to another company.

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