ConQ Content Analytics

ConQ Content Analytics solution helps you understand the behaviour of your users and improve your services, with information about content usage in real-time.

What is CONQ?

ConQ Content Analytics solution is a tool that allows you deeper insight into content usage, to uncover trends and patterns within your content and to provide better service to content consumers. It is designed to show information about content usage in real-time or for any given period of time, which helps you to better understand consumer’s behavior.

Content Analytics – Business requirements and drivers

Business needs detailed information about consumed content to:

  • Understand consumers’ behavior, which content they consume, through which channel at what time and on what device
  • Analyze the performance of packages and package options
  • Segment consumers based on their behavior
  • Approach consumers with appropriate offers
  • Use rating information to negotiate content with content providers

Business Solution – Analytics

Real-time usage reports and dashboards:

  • Calculate different metrics
  • Apply different filters
  • Drill-down to fine granularity data

Detailed usage and behavior analytics:

  • Channel analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Predictive models for segmentation and cross and up-sell

Why ConQ?

Interactive user interface

Analyze your content on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – User interface is modern, interactive, responsive web application with a lot of predefined widgets containing different usable views and measures. Using drag and drop functionality you can create your own dashboards…

Channel analysis

Analyze channel performance for any day or date period – Select any day or date period for analysis of channel or content performance using simple date picker. Channel performance visualization by channel type
and see performance of specific channels…

Map view

Interactive map with zoom-in ability – By selecting content item, you can see geographic locations of your viewers. As you zoom in and out you can logically see which clusters have become which markers. Clicking a cluster will zoom you in to the specific viewers…

ConQ architecture

Scalabile architecture that can process up to hundreds of miollions records daily:

ConQ Features

  • Live Dashboard – see top channels and top content in a current day
  • View the performance of selected content item by device type, delivery type
  • By selecting content item, you can see geographic locations of your viewers
  • Detailed usage and behavior analytics
  • Real-time or batch data processing
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