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Create, share and use reports, business performance analysis, trend analysis, and result measurements to obtain reliable and timely information and speed up the decision making process!

To find answers to key business questions, application and enterprise systems must be granted access to processed and unified data for analysis and reporting purposes.

The research and analysis of large amounts of data organized according to company-specific dimensions is an important feature of the reporting platform. Comparing trends through time and performing comparative analysis (e.g. the most profitable customer and most favourable supplier) provides answers to key business questions. The reporting system should identify and support the specific needs of all users within the organization, and the goal of the reporting platform is to allow users access to the right information at the right time using any means possible so that they could understand what is happening and what should be done to contribute to the success of their organization. We enable you to create, share, and use reports, business performance analysis, trend analysis, and result measurement, as well as allowing you to deliver reliable forecasts and plans.

We’ll help you quickly analyse and model planning requirements for your entire organization, so that you can use them to predict the exact course of action by which to achieve better business results.

We use the following analysis and reporting technologies: Panorama Necto, Tableau, Microsoft PowerPivot, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft SQL Server BI, IBM® Cognos® BI, IBM® Cognos® Express, IBM® Cognos® TM1.

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