Petar Zečević is a new Senior Principal Consultant at Poslovna inteligencija

After several years of working as a CTO and as a top expert in Big Data architecture, Petar Zečević joined the professional consultant team at Poslovna inteligencija.

In mid-July, Petar Zečević joined the growing team of a leading regional company in the field of analytics, data management and ICT consulting, Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting.

After almost 20 years of work at SV Group, where he was a CTO for the last ten years, Petar continues his development path in Poslovna inteligencija. Over the years, he has also gained a huge experience as a software developer, IBM software consultant and a team leader on numerous Big Data projects. Petar took the position of Senior Principal Consultant at Poslovna inteligencija, where he’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the company as an expert in Big Data architecture and a mentor to a colleagues.

“Poslovna inteligencija, with its experience and expert team, can deal with any client challenges in the field of data analytics, data migration and visualization, predictive analytics, and the design and implementation of data processes, either on cloud or on premise. These are exactly the topics that interest me, and the diversity of clients and projects, many of them international, were the reasons that attracted me to Poslovna inteligencija,” Petar Zečević pointed out.

In addition to his successful career, Petar is also a co-author of the book “Spark in Action” (Manning, 2016), a comprehensive guide that includes theories and skills that are necessary for efficient Data Management through Apache Spark.

Petar Zečević is currently finishing his Computer Science PhD at University of Zagreb and has written a published paper entitled “AXS: A framework for fast astronomical data processing based on Apache Spark”.

“I’m looking forward to our successful projects in solving many tasks and challenges of our clients, and to innovations with which, I am convinced, we’ll improve their business,” said Petar Zečević.

Latest news

Driven by its exceptional success on the market, the development team of Data Privacy Manager (DPM), a personal data management software solution, carves its way out from Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting. As of today, the team continues its journey as a separate company, under the name Legit Software.
Poslovna inteligencija continues to expand its business in foreign markets. In addition to the Zagreb headquarters and offices in six other cities: London, Vienna, Podgorica, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Ljubljana, today the company has opened its doors in Stockholm.
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