New version of DWH insurance model is available!

Poslovna inteligencija Data warehouse Insurance model
We are constantly working on delivering the best possible version of our Data Warehouse model and are proud to present the 1.5 version of PI Insurance Data Warehouse model.

What is new in the PI Insurance DWH Model?

The new 1.5 version of Insurance Data Warehouse model brings more than 400 Entities grouped in 21 Subject areas, divided into 4 functional groups and additional Data Mart which is derived from the functional groups’ entities.

A novelty of this version includes an upgrade to current Erwin version (v9.6.4), providing additional technical attributes to all tables and including a standardized version of following subject areas added to the model: Party, Product, Location, Human Resources, Marketing Campaign, Loyalty Program and Reports.

We have also made improvements to align with a standardized version of Contact Center subject area, upgraded GDPR compliance and OPEX Subject area and adjusted Business Items, KPI’s and CAPEX subject areas to align with standardized versions.

Our Insurance Data Warehouse Data Model (PI Insurance DWH Model) is a standard industry data warehouse model applicable for both life and non-life insurances. Based on data gathered and represented in the model all standard insurance reporting and analysis Data Marts can be delivered.

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