New version of DWH Banking model 3.0

the new version of PI DWH Banking model is now available. The model is upgraded to the new version because of the number of new subject areas added to the model, mainly related to Customer Relationship Management.

New subject areas are Customer Feedback SA (used for tracking customer feedback and satisfaction score), Marketing Communication SA (marketing events and campaigns success), Contact Center SA (analytics of customer calls regarding faults, complaints, service requests), Loyalty Program SA (SA for tracking loyalty points, accounts and spending), GDPR SA (tracking consents, donors of consents and usage of consents), Mobile Payments SA, PSD2 – Added Entities for new EU payment directive. A new addition is also a Customer Experience Data Mart with entities that enable customer-centric analysis.

Related to regulatory reporting, enhanced are existing SA used in regulatory reporting (like Basel III, IFRS9 and Credit Portfolio Data Mart SA) and Forbearance SA.

Poslovna Inteligencija DWH Banking data model currently consists of more than 30 Subject areas and contains more than 450 entities.

Latest news

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