Why do we need Data Warehouse models?

This is the first blog from my new series about Data Warehouse models and modeling. In this series, I will cover the reasons for modeling and use of standard industry models, best practice and recommendations for creation and implementation of Data Warehouse model and specifics related to various industries and technologies.

To start the series, there is the first question: Why do we need Data Warehouse models?

Let’s think in a different context – imagine that you are a successful doctor, you have bought a beautiful piece of land nearby dreamy lake and you are planning to build the house. What are you going to do? You can engage constructors to build the house, but they will ask you for the blueprint. You cannot make a blueprint on your own because you are a doctor and you don’t know anything about architecture, static forces, building materials or wiring. Of course, you will engage an architect and pay him for the blueprint.


You will tell the architect what you have in mind and what are your requirements, and most likely he will show you some template blueprints of his previous work that was based on architectural standards and best practices. Of course, you will use blueprint for a family house, and not for the warehouse or the bridge, because those blueprints are used to build something completely different. The final blueprint will be customized based on your specific requirements. At the other hand, if you want completely new blueprint, designed exclusively for you, that means that it will cost you more because it will require more work from the architect, and it will also bring in the equation some risk that this new blueprint and your new house will not be as brilliant as you want it to be. I have seen many ugly houses around beautiful lakes.

Author: Dražen Oreščanin

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