Legit Software – Poslovna inteligencija’s successful spin off

Driven by its exceptional success on the market, the development team of Data Privacy Manager (DPM), a personal data management software solution, carves its way out from Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting. As of today, the team continues its journey as a separate company, under the name Legit Software.

Marijan Bračić, the CEO of the new company, will be in charge of strategy and product research and development, and Dražen Oreščanin, will be taking care of business development and investor relations as a member of the Management Board. Marijan’s vision and expertise have been crucial in his leadership of Data Privacy Department within Poslovna inteligencija thus far, and his focus on product strategy ensures continuity in the further development of product functionality. In addition to the role of a member of the Management Board in Legit Software, Dražen Oreščanin will retain his current role of President of the Management Board of Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting in the transitional period.

The Legit team, which currently has over 30 people, plans to grow further and to develop the software solutions market addressing privacy management issues. DPM has been recognized in more than 20 countries so far and has gained the trust of over 100 customers who use the product.

“The separation of the startup, which was created within Poslovna inteligencija almost 5 years ago, into a new separate company, is a particularly important moment for us. This decision will allow us to fully focus on our growth and it is an important step towards strengthening global positioning of our product – Data Privacy Manager and positioning of the new company – Legit Software, as one of the world’s leaders in the field of privacy protection.”, said Marijan Bračić.

“Separating DPM as a software product that Gartner and Forrester have been following for several years into a distinct company opens the door for us as a software provider in a fast-growing personal data protection market. It also allows us better access to sources of capital and additional funding in order to meet the ambitious goal of making Legit Software a unicorn in the next five years. We are extremely excited to be a part of this endeavor “, adds Dražen Oreščanin.

At Poslovna inteligencija, we believe that the success of the Legit team is a great example of innovation and commercialization of products and that it serves as a great inspiration to all of us. Lidija Karaga, a member of the Management Board of Poslovna inteligencija, is pleased to point out her conviction that our colleagues from the Legit team will have a fantastic success in the global market. “We are proud of them and they have our full support on their independent path. In Poslovna inteligencija, we continue to support innovative ideas and to diligently build new success stories, ” points out Lidija. She also emphasizes that Poslovna inteligencija team views the separation of the current DPM into a separate business as a great opportunity to gain additional space and focus for further development of its core business, people, teams and methodology, in order to continue to grow and realize its full potential in the global market.

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