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Planning, Budgeting, Cost Allocation and Reporting Solution for your Nonprofit Organization
After several years of working as a CTO and as a top expert in Big Data architecture, Petar Zečević joined the professional consultant team at Poslovna inteligencija.
The company HQ is in Zagreb and we operate from offices in London, Vienna, Stockholm, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica and Sarajevo.
With more than 200 employees and with over 20 years of experience in the largest Data & Analytics, Performance Management, Data Migration, Data Engineering and Machine learning projects, we lead the way in enabling companies to create value from their data.
We are Data & Analytics consulting company committed to deliver great solutions and products that enable our clients to unlock hidden opportunities within data, become data-driven and make better business decisions.
We are excited to announce that our XBRL Point solution has passed XBRL software certification!
Partners with whom we cooperate on global projects for leading companies in the world.
Regional partners whose technology we use when creating solutions for our customers.
Our experts help your organization use data in a way that helps your business reach each true potential.
We cover needs for Data Analysis, Architecture and Development of the migration solution, bringing our migration methodology and ETL framework to the project.
DG is a discipline that includes data quality, the data governance policy, business process management and risk management related to the data in the organization.
Performance Management is the continuous process of setting objectives, assessing progress, and using feedback to ensure company goals are met. We can help you with this!
The combination of the rapidly increasing volume of data and advanced analytical technologies represents the next exciting frontier for business productivity.
The challenge of integrating and exchanging data collected by different systems has long been an issue in the business world. To gain insight into consolidated business information, the company must ensure that all systems are freely communicating and exchanging data in a reliable and timely manner, and we can assist you in doing just that.
Advanced Analytics gives you the power to fully utilise the internal and external data of your company and with our help modernize the way you do business.
Create, share and use reports, business performance analysis, trend analysis, and result measurements to obtain reliable and timely information and speed up the decision making process!
Make your transition from one Data Warehouse platform to another effortless. SynQ solution helps you efficiently migrate your data and integration processes as well as organize your data fast and secure!
PI Analytics integrates your organization’s reporting, analysis and planning and it enables you to make faster, data driven business decisions.
Our clients are industry leaders in areas of distribution, wholesale and retail, financial sector, manufacture, public sector and telecommunications.
As a direct response to our clients’ needs, we have created XBRL Point – A solution that makes your preparation and delivery of financial statements according to ESEF standards simple.
Partners with whom we cooperate on projects for leading companies and whose technology we use when creating solutions for our customers.
How to implement Data Governance in your organization in easy and risk-free way
Driven by its exceptional success on the market, the development team of Data Privacy Manager (DPM), a personal data management software solution, carves its way out from Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting. As of today, the team continues its journey as a separate company, under the name Legit Software.
In mid-May, Zoran Božičević joined the growing team of a leading regional company in the field of analytics, data management and ICT consulting, Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting.
Poslovna inteligencija continues to expand its business in foreign markets. In addition to the Zagreb headquarters and offices in six other cities: London, Vienna, Podgorica, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Ljubljana, today the company has opened its doors in Stockholm.
Unlock hidden opportunities within your data
We are constantly working on delivering the best possible version of our Data Warehouse model and are proud to present the 1.5 version of PI Insurance Data Warehouse model.