Data Privacy Manager

We believe that the process of becoming compliant with GDPR needs to bring your company more value than only meeting the minimum standards, it should make your company successful, more agile and sharper and bring security and peace of mind to your Customers and make them trust you even more. With this goal in mind, we have developed Data Privacy Manager

Data Privacy Manager

Data Privacy Manager is a software solution that allows companies to simply and safely manage data subjects’ privacy. By protecting their privacy you are building the image of a company that can be trusted, and that is the foundation of a successful business today.  This GDPR software is designed with a principle of Privacy by Design and Default and is developed as a Data Protection Officer tool. It is used to efficiently manage personal data processing and serves as a central point for demonstrating GDPR compliance.

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Data Privacy Manager

Key functionalities of Data Privacy Manager:

  • Data Subject Identity Management
  • Data Subject Import
  • Purpose Management
  • Consent Lifecycle Management
  • Consent Forms
  • DPO Dashboards
  • Records of processing activities
  • Data Subject’s Rights Management
  • Contract Management
  • Legitimate Interest Management
  • API Integration
  • Multiple Data Controllers
  • Privacy Portal

Why Data Privacy Manager?

Tailored to GDPR

Data Privacy Manager is developed from scratch from the first line of code exclusively for GDPR. An experienced multidisciplinary team of experts designed the solution, having in mind the requirements of the new regulation. By using specialized GDPR software you minimize the risk of potential penalties.

Time saving

By choosing an easy-to-plug-in solution like Data Privacy Manager, you can significantly accelerate the adjustment of the complete IT infrastructure. After successfully implementing the Data Privacy Manager, many GDPR relevant processes are automated, allowing organization’s focus on revenue-generating core businesses.

Central management and connectivity with other systems

With Data Privacy Manager you have control and you can manage GDPR processes from one point. Central management of GDPR processes is enabled by connecting Data Privacy Manager to all systems and applications that contain the data subjects’ personal data.

Data Subject’s Rights Management

Organizations that process personal data are required to fulfill the rights of citizens whose data is being processed within the legal deadline which is challenging for most organizations because it requires a high level of personal data management. Data Privacy Manager automates the entire process, from the request registration, through the process of request approval and data processing, to notify the complainant of the outcome. By integrating the Data Privacy Manager into the IT architecture, meeting the demand of the data subject becomes a centralized and effective process.

Managing consents

Data Privacy Manager contains a rich set of functionalities for consent lifecycle management, from creating the definition of consent to analyzing collected consents. By simple integration with other systems, such as a Web page, CRM systems or mobile applications, Data Privacy Manager serves as the place of truth for the privacy settings of data subjects and ensures a timely start or stop of data processing for the purpose that you defined.

Contract as a legal basis for the data collection

GDPR defines 6 legal bases for data collection: Contractual necessity, Compliance with legal obligations, Vital interests, Public interest, Legitimate interests and Consent. Data Privacy Manager covers all 6 legal bases. As a large number of organizations collect personal data based on contracts with their data subjects, Data Privacy Manager has a special contract management module.

Records of processing activities

According to the Article 30 of the GDPR, all organizations that process personal information are required to keep records of processing activities. Data Privacy Manager is an electronic record of personal data processing that contains all the information provided by GDPR. Furthermore, it allows more detailed processing records such as saving all data types that are being processed along with the information about their sensitivity and defining the data storage period. All information changes about processing activities are versioned through Data Privacy Manager and are available for insight.

Privacy by Design and Default

When developing Data Privacy Manager, special attention was paid to the important principle of GDPR – Privacy by Design and Default. This GDPR software does not require the creation of a new personal data silo. Data Privacy Manager connects via ID with the central database without saving the personal data of data subjects. The system then does not show personal data by which we have met the principles of minimizing the display of data subjects’ personal data.

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