Data Warehouse provides the basis for quality analysis for available data by deriving accurate information from data. In recent years, banks have accumulated large amounts of data from business and now it is time to turn data into money, and we can help you in that process.

Our Banking Data Warehouse Model is standard industry data warehouse model, business oriented and designed to support different business needs from regulatory and daily/weekly/decade/monthly operational and management reporting to very complex ad hoc analysis and simulations. Model is based on industry standards and implementation best practices, proven in real implementation projects. It has an extremely flexible design.

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DWH Model for Banking

Visual representation of the Model

Besides the implementation of enterprise-wide data warehouse solution, offers banks a choice to implement fully functional modules (departmental data marts) according to their needs. Since the model is designed in a way to support the iterative implementation, the Bank may, at any time, decide to extend the existing solutions with new modules, while retaining the full functionality of the existing solutions during the implementation of new modules. PI Banking Data Warehouse model is open for changes and additional customization. Updates are available on regular basis.

Model is fully implemented in Addiko bank, Serbia, and parts of that model are in use in Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d.

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