Solution Partners

Partners with whom we cooperate on global projects for leading companies in the world.



TMNS is innovative IT integration service provider based in Netherlands. They support costumers across Europe in becoming more agile and more flexible. TMNS provides new technologies as they are introduced, discuss their clients’ queries and provide answers no one else has thought of and help them make the decisions that get the best return on investments. About 120 experts help their clients to adapt to the changing market dynamics in order to remain competitive and distinctive. Some of the services they offer are application integration, business intelligence, IT management and other. They also provide expertise in architecture, design, development and project management.


csCloudSense is a UK- based company, a global leader in industry platforms for Quote-to-Cash. Their platform allows transformational sales effectiveness for companies configuring, pricing and quoting products and services from simple sales to sophisticated subscriptions. Companies can profit from higher order values, reduced order errors, increased automation of sales processes and quicker product launches. The customer purchase journey is optimized with a single product catalog across all sales channels giving customers one order and one bill. CloudSense works in communications, media, financial services and high tech industries and offers commerce, telecom and media platforms.


Exist_bi_UBTExistBI works with clients to support their IT processes and business solutions. Their subject matter experts produce measures to build a powerful bond between two different worlds: Business and Technology. Without the capacity to accurately scale data and information throughout your business cycles, strategic planning becomes all but inconsequential. Their expert team determines a strategy most suitable to your industry and your business environment. Their areas of focus include Data Management, Big Data & Business Intelligence, Data Migration, Reporting, Dashboards & Business Analytics, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Data Integration & ETL, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality and Predictive Analytics.