Author:Matea Bešlin / 01. 06. 2022.

Zoran Božičević is the new Delivery Director at Poslovna inteligencija

In mid-May, Zoran Božičević joined the growing team of a leading regional company in the field of analytics, data management and ICT consulting, Poslovna inteligencija/Bird Consulting.

” With his experience, Zoran will significantly contribute to the development of our team. This way we will further strengthen our core business, thus supporting our further growth, both in the domestic and foreign markets, ” said Slađana Krpić, Member of the Management Board responsible for consulting.

Zoran Božičević has an enviable career and numerous successes behind him. Before joining Poslovna inteligancija, at his new position, he has been working at Combis, where he was the Director of the Business Solutions Development Sector for the last three years, numbering 70 people.

In his 25-year career, Zoran has been focused on developing people and building teams, as well as designing new products.  He will keep on working towards those same goals in the new environment.”I see Poslovna inteligencija  as a leading player in the field of advanced analytics and smart data management, not only in the region but also much wider. From the first day, I was impressed by the excellent team and the amount of knowledge they have, and I hope that my experience and ideas will contribute to even faster growth of the entire organization, primarily through the creation of innovative products,” said Zoran Božičević.