Author:Maja Gečević / 28. 11. 2018.

We have been awarded the ICT Gold Awards for Data Privacy Manager!

Our Data Privacy Manager solution won the award for the best and most innovative ICT solution in the field of GDPR implemented at Iskon Internet d.d. ICT Gold Award is a recognizable sign of quality awarded for the excellence in the delivery of ICT solutions. Iskon, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Croatia implemented Data Privacy Manager early on, recognizing the importance of using a comprehensive solution for GDPR compliance. The implemented solution enabled the automation of the GDPR process, time-saving, and consent lifecycle management.

Data Privacy Manager team with the award

We are proud that for the last two years, we have been profiling as a company that not only works with analytical solutions but as a company that promotes the right culture of personal data management as well. Data Privacy Manager today is a well-respected enterprise product that helps organizations throughout the EU to comply with GDPR. We are happy that Iskon has recognized the need for a solution like Data Privacy Manager on time and that we have successfully implemented the solution.

This is our second ICT Gold Award, the first award was given in 2016 in the Business Intelligence category for the best and most innovative ICT solution implemented in Orbico.