Author:Maja Gečević / 06. 06. 2017.

From Warehouse over the Swamp to the Lake of Data


After the fifth SPARK  Meetup  Marko Štajcer, Director of Innovation & Development department wrote a blog post “From Warehouse over the Swamp to the Lake of Data”.

Data warehouse (DWH) is a well-known term, and everyone in touch with the IT world knows what it is. In a single sentence, DWH is the central repository of data used within the organisation to report and analyse data, and the data itself can be integrated from a variety of systems. When we talk about data warehouses, we talk about relational, structured data. With the release of Hadoop and the new Big Data technology, we have been able to analyse a much larger amount of data compared to traditional DWH and the ability to analyse not only relational but unstructured data types. Some new terms related to storage of data such as the Data Lake have appeared, but also many variations such as Managed Data Lake, Data Factory, Data Refinery…

You can read the whole article on  SPARK website!