Author:Maja Gečević / 27. 02. 2017.

Review of the Gartner MQ 2017 – are there any new surprises?

Our consultant and Tableau User Group Zagreb leader, Hrvoje Gabelica published an article at blog. In the article, Hrvoje referred to this year’s Gartner report for analytical tools. Hrvoje concluded that there are no special surprises in a new report, but noted that the change in the evaluation criteria in recent years have led to changes in the position of „big players“. In spite of that for fifth consecutive year, Tableau has positioned itself as a leader in this area. Hrvoje described his experience with tools such as TableauMicrosoft PowerBI and Qlik Sense.

Last decade was marked by tools that accompany traditional BI and had no intention of changing their policy, which helped development of small businesses which had a disruptive technology. One of them is Tableau Software, which changed the concept of self-service BI and imposed new standards for big players. The “problem” is that big players such as SAP, IBM and Oracle have not invested in the development of the field of visual analytics and new BI concepts, which made Tableau Software seem like a rocket technology. However, Microsoft team was the only one who managed to snap out of it with their PowerBI tool…

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