Author:Maja Gečević / 23. 11. 2016.

We have been awarded with a certificate for MAMFORCE© standard

On 23rd of November, we became the first company that is the holder of the basic MAMFORCE standard in the sector of small and medium-sized companies. The certificate was awarded as part of the EU funded project “The real equality between men and women: harmonization of private and business life.” The award was granted at the Ministry of Science and Education, to the Member of the Board of Poslovna inteligencija Anita Cvetić Oreščanin by the Gender Equality Ombudsperson Višnja Ljubičić and Dijana Kobas Dešković, who is the author of the assessment methods for MAMFORCE© standards.

MAMFORCE© is a recognized mark of quality that confirms the competence of the employers in the implementation of the family responsible and gender-aware human resources management. These are companies that set of responsible policies and benefits to employees that facilitate the reconciliation of private and professional obligations and ensure the conditions for a smooth career development regardless of parenthood and gender.


Although operating within the ICT industry, which is characterized by predominantly male population, Poslovna inteligencija Zagreb employs 80 employees of which 52% are women and are 48% men. Thanks to the business policy in which the most important criteria is achievement and commitment, we are the only IT company in the region which employs more than 50% of women at all management levels. Our continuous investment in employee training ensures our reputation as a desirable employer, especially for the generation of millennials. MAMFORCE© certification will help us create a quality platform for further improvements in the area of gender equality, with an emphasis on balancing work and private life.


MAMFORCE© standard was also awarded to the Agency for Science and Higher Education. Višnja Ljubičić, Ombudsperson for Gender Equality stated: “We are very pleased that the Agency for Science and Higher Education and Poslovna inteligencija recognized the value of the project and the objectives that the project promotes.